Spare Parts

by Naked Ant

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This album features the talents of Ben, Mitch, and Jason.

1,2,3,6,8,10 recorded on November 19, 2016
4,5,7,9 recorded on January 8, 2017

The side break is between "Compass Rose" and "Tonight".


released January 8, 2017

Ben: vocals (1,3,4,5,6,8,9,10), guitar (1,3,4,5,6,8,9), bass (2,4,7), keyboards (1), drums (4), writing (1,3,4,5,6,8,9,10)
Mitch: bass (1,3,6,9), guitar (2,5,7,10), keyboards (10), writing (5,10)
Jason: drums (1,2,3,6,7,9), vocals (2,7), keyboards (2,7), writing (2,7)



all rights reserved


Naked Ant Mount Laurel, New Jersey

Hello Whirled = Ben (vocals, guitar, bass)
22 = Jason (drums, piano, vocals)
KHZC = Mitch (bass, guitar, synths)

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Track Name: Figurehead
knowing none
wanting more
nothing seems to influence the decision
no one objects to the blind eye turned
it's a figurehead at large
but we don't know who's really in charge

knowing none
wanting more
no one says a word in case their voice is heard
to be identified, would have been easier to say they thought they lied
clueless or arrogant, no information goes around
thoughtful and caring then, no one else is found
Track Name: Love
You came in like a main jewl,
You came in like the sea,
Riding against the waves of my heart,
Oh, with you id like to be.
Got the body of an angel,
Agree to disagree,
You make me feel so happy,
My life is now complete.
So let me see your body tonight,
In that bright, red dress I like,
And make me feel I'm the only sight,
That you would like to see.

I was lost for all of my life,
But it's about time I see your light,
Oh I'm so glad that I am alive,
And it feels like I'm in

The feeling I get, I feel like a mess,
In love,
You make me feel good,
Keep going to your words,
I'm in love.

You feel just like an angel,
Fly with me with your wings,
And keep your arms surrounding,
And let me hear you sing.
The way you lean on me,
When you feel like you're at ease,
And the way I can make you laugh,
The same to do to me.
Now what you hear might turn you on,
I like it when you shout,
But the light that you provide for me,
Keeps me up when I am down.
Attractions not the only factor,
But you are hot as hell,
What Am I compared to you,
When you're out of your shell,
I'm in,

The birds who will sing,
I want you to be my everything,
I'm in love,
Innocent minded, when good feelings collide, it's

The way you make me feel,
Track Name: Traction
land speed falling on the runway
wrinkles slide with traction
fired by employing heads
martyrs for the faction
cooler beds prevail over warm ones
surreal but to the focus groups
the charts line up
logicians on their knees

basted in Ancient Greece
the thoughts gain traction
Track Name: The 19th
all these seeds left planted but unwatered
never blooming, always looming
dry season is nigh as the clouds lie
will the blinds close before the trees get high?

wake up in the nursery
eyes draw cursory winks at the climbing minks
face planted on the windowsill
not sure why it ate the pill

sisters jailed in the cemetery, crying
lens cap on and the verdict's wrong, he's lying
gas mask cut in half sits slowly heating
grabbed the sisters' glowing hearts still beating
Track Name: Ego Matter
I've been handing out my memoirs
like welfare in plastic jars
if I can't reach for the sky
I can always shoot at the cars

neither will make me happy
nothing can really change
the mirrored hell I sleep in

and here we sit
awaiting no change
and here we sit
welcoming the ego death
Track Name: Compass Rose
falling short
of the plastic dream
sounds alive
sounds alive
but the heartbeat's gone
left to freeze
on the tundra sands
pass away
pass away
with the charm in your hand

I'm not ready to set the point in stone
if you'll do it for me
I need it to happen now
moving forward with the investigation
slipping through the cracks
will we get our data back?

fall adverse
to the hanging sign
that it's on your side
can't commit to mistakes
stood around
stood around
as the arms went down

I'm not ready to set the point in stone
but we're too far gone to say
"we need to let it stay"
if you're not ready to make the call
that's not a problem at all
but someone has to let it fall
Track Name: Tonight (Fly By)
Come with the wind,
See fate through us all,
Spread your wings,
And carry us all,

Your miles from home,
The river sings poems through the sun,
And when, you think you're done,
You come across my soul,

Tonight, fly by,
Tonight, fly by,

And wait, a minute,
There's something in the tone of the wind,
You see them birds,
They Fallin off,
But you and I are flying up for them all.
Just when you, think you're through,
You realize the power was always deep in you,
And wait, I can't wait no more,
I'm flying up, I feel sore,
To flying up and we soar,

Tonight, fly by
Tonight, fly by
Tonight, fly by.
Tonight, fly by.

(Insert improvised Bridge lyrics)

Tonight, fly by,
Tonight, fly by,
Tonight, ooh,
fly by,
Track Name: Point Forever Knowing
I see you're falling
but I'm afraid that's your voice calling

though I know it's not
is this all I've got?
you've benchmarked my path

whisper in my ear
how full of shit was the last year?

and how much of it was real?
I don't know how to feel
you benchmarked my past
Track Name: Salute To Spare Parts
we froze the liquidation
to keep our memories intact
but it all proved useless
when the inhibitors came backed
with supporters
reaching out
to every arm and leg

the capital kept growing
but we kept showing up late
arrived with reputation
without a better word to state
a straight line
in the sand drawn
for every circle peg

and every time
we use this charm
it fails to heal
the bleeding arm
and bleeding leg

they knew the end was coming
while they were zipping up their coats
they came down Tiny River
in their crumpled paper boats
it's over
nine leaf clover
luck is running out

an honor to the fallen
who tripped and never could get up
stoically engaging
in the final Dixie cup
with informers
reaching out
to every bleeding arm
and bleeding leg
Track Name: Adulthood Or Bust
rains of distant veins
dripping down the chains
where the chalk circles gather dust
by and by we grow
and sort of lose the know
of how powerful was that lust

adulthood or bust
with no more guns to stick to
we realize it's time to move on

there's something to be said for growing up
finally learning how to let go
ghosts writing on the old bedroom walls
we stretch our arms and embrace the aging mind

gas the traffic that jams our mental health
make new friends or sit in a small room all by ourselves