Singing The Praises Of Cameras

by Naked Ant

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Recording handled by Ben and Mitch at Naked Valley Studios.

April 2: Tunnel, Vibrator, Left Side Up, Praise Undeserved, Bright Skies
April 17: Nicole Of The Paper Stars, End Of An Error, Shaking Pavlov's Garden, Last
May 1: Freely Brand New


released May 1, 2016

Ben: vocals, guitar, bass, drums, noises
Mitch: bass, guitar
Jason: drums, piano, vocals

All songs written by Ben except for:
"Freely", "Skies" written by Jason
"Last" written by Mitch (with small lyrical help from Ben but it doesn't really matter)
"Praise Undeserved" improvised by Ben, Mitch, and Jason



all rights reserved


Naked Ant Mount Laurel, New Jersey

Hello Whirled = Ben (vocals, guitar, bass)
22 = Jason (drums, piano, vocals)
KHZC = Mitch (bass, guitar, synths)

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Track Name: Shaking Pavlov's Garden
the bastard awake at the station
picks up his coat and waits for a train
prepared to make the jump to stardom
and leaving life very plain

the conductor asks for his ticket
and his chest begins to harden
a kick off the platform and a loud impact
caused the shaking at Pavlov's Garden

that's why they have barriers
for the stagecoach and carriers
the more the scarier
the less the merrier
Track Name: Last
ghostly mist fills empty halls
once bathed in light now darkness falls
i cant explain how it used to feel
ive lost control, slipped off the wheel
you once were there to fill the hole
because of me you've lost your soul

i'll just go somewhere
where i can be sane
a state of mind to rearrange
try to stop this future change

someone pulls me above
and i wonder if it's going up from here
maybe things will be ok
blissful bullet piercing me
then i crumbles piece by piece
and i clutch the air to leave
broken palette on the marble floor
break my hand opening the door

i can't win
there's no emerging out on top
may as well embrace the change
and wait for this to stop

i can't win
there's no emerging out on top
may as well embrace the change
time to let this suffering stop
Track Name: Tunnel
if you find your way too long
I'll take you in and make you strong
lead the way of safe return
take me in so I can learn

how it worked for you
make me feel much better
than I'm feeling now

I dug you a tunnel to bring them here
but hide them, awake, unclear
work as two to remain unknown
fly to find the point had flown

how'd it work for you?
I don't feel much better
are you feeling now?
Track Name: Nicole Of The Paper Stars
paper stars you collected and cherished
colored in with dotted lines
in paper jars you bottled and embellished
stained the perimeter with purple times

the safest nothing that carries you home
to take you away safely
on a paper star trail
it can't possibly fail
it hasn't yet
and it never will
and if you pass on
the trail will set still

dreamlands of fairy tale freedoms and love sports
lung division and commercial-sized experts
the nude queen sits stoned at the end of the courtroom
deciding the fate of your natural paper mind

the safest way out is at the fold
to preserve your tears
to warp the leaf
that made your home
it hasn't burned yet
and it never will
but when you pass it on
it may catch wind of an ill

Nicole, are you breathing okay?
the paper stars aren't going away
do you have anything left to say?

I just wanted to say
I think I miss you already
Track Name: Bright Skies
Ever since I met you, the skies have been so much lighter,
You've been here the whole time, but the clouds are finally kinder,
And I'm wondering if what they say is right,
When spring has sprung, and life has begun, will I be you a while there's a bright sky?

I've been depressed for quite a while,
You stepping into my life is like thanking God for survival,
I don't know if I love you, or my minds taking me for a ride,
But I like the thrill, you cure my ill with a light,
I've been so happy lately, when everything seemed to be running dry,
But that's alright, you're in my life, and you brought those bright skies,

Oooh, oh you brought,

And I know, that it won't be right to just leave you,
Cause I know you have that those feelings, do you?
I feel like time we have is underdue,
But I know what time I have, I'd like to spend it, with you,
Whatever else we've been through,
I can't deny I like those clearless skies, and I want to stand under it, with you
Track Name: Left Side Up
follow her home to beneath the stairs
tiny table with wooden chairs
to lie down on her frozen floor
ankles by the window, head through the floor
she's growing her flowers in the kitchen sink
flies to the bathroom to catch a drink
lost her way coming down from above
with an eyedropper full of carbonated love

bury my soft side right face down
bury my soul mate left side up
I know she's still here
I know she's still here

changing her room for a few long days
leaving me to crawl through her homegrown maze
tally marks left by the lost and gone
wonder if intuition led me wrong
I hope I'm coming back again
a saga never really wants to end
maybe she's up on a flying cloud
maybe she's looking down real proud

bury my soft side right face down
bury my soul mate left side up
forever on here
forever I'm here
Track Name: Vibrator
pressure building up for days
can't hold back to stay away
slowly approaching
the golden low
shaking inside
really want to hide
stretched out my hand to try again
but the effort quickly died

you don't know how much you don't care
until she's really there

long internal struggle
to see if I'm too scared
to accept that there was zero chance
to avoid the sweet dead air
a quick decision to be made
could have stayed silent in the hallway
was that the sound of tables turned
have I matured and finally learned

I'm never doing this again
glad to not have to pretend

she might still care
that I still mind
it wouldn't be the first time
that I left bad faith behind
but it's okay
couldn't have picked a better day
both rid of our greatest fears
both living off our greatest years

now the vibrating can die
don't need to say goodbye
Track Name: End Of An Error
the whites in her eyes keep me awake
how much more do I have left to take?
the sting that lights my dreams away
to leave me with bad words to say
a dreary faded pink silhouette
diluted by my stark regret
in retrospect, it hurt a lot
but by now she's hopefully forgotten

the shit we put each other through
horrors I will never have shown to you
desire to prolong the blue
that worked too well and left too true
a sign of the times is blinking
and here I find myself thinking
I hope her heart's not dead
asleep in her king-sized water bed

opportunity keeps knocking
but I will never answer
Track Name: Freely Brand New
Well I can't even try,
To remember when I last cried,
It seems like the days are colder,
The blinds have already died.
I can't seem to find a way that I can remind myself of a time
when life was okay,
Not too great,
What's the wait?
we seemed to live life

Live life breathing,
I want you to hear me,
when the nights are so cold.
I'm in pieces,
I can't stop dreaming,
Listen to What I say to you.
What you do,
Makes me feel brand new.

Trust in me,
Trust in what I see,
Why is it that every life there be some degree,
Of uncertainty,
I cant believe in time
cause time doesn't believe in me.

Live life breathing,
I want you to hear me,
when the nights are so cold.
I'm in pieces,
I can't stop dreaming,
Listen to What I say to you.
What you do,
Makes me feel brand new.

I love to be with you,
Singing out as the Lightning goes,
It's not what you think so too,
It's just what I want to know,
Do you love me too?

And do you feeelllll, freeellllyyyy brand newwwwwww