Plastic Hearts Forever

by Naked Ant

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Tracks 1,2,7,8,9 recorded in August.
Tracks 3,4,5,6,10 recorded in October.

Ben: vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards
Mitch: bass, guitar, keyboards, recording
Jason: drums, keyboards, vocals


released October 19, 2015

All tracks written by Ben, except:

"Blairstown", written by Jason
"Dipshit", written by Mitch
"Another Way Home", written by Ben and Jason
"Worker's Anthem", improvised by everyone

All songs recorded in Mitch's basement, except the piano in "Blairstown", recorded at The Creepy Doll Emporium.



all rights reserved


Naked Ant Mount Laurel, New Jersey

Hello Whirled = Ben (vocals, guitar, bass)
22 = Jason (drums, piano, vocals)
KHZC = Mitch (bass, guitar, synths)

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Track Name: I'll Get A Harpoon
lose some confidence
and try your luck on the wheel
it's not much to say
but I'd never know how it feels

and they said I'd never make the same mistakes
and they said I'd never make the same mistakes

I'll get a harpoon
if you hold him down for a while
I'll aim it at his chest
because I want him out with a smile

and they said I'd never make the same mistakes
and they said I'd never make the same mistakes
Track Name: Real World Hypothesis
take it up with the institute
and know that you've proven yourself wrong
a real world couldn't guess that
you'd be off on a tangent

off on another mission
electrify the timeline with precision
soon you're maybe up and running

all right, it died
another off-brand suicide
the god thinks Shady lied
Track Name: Costume Comes Alive
still awake at two
not like I have anything else to do
scaring myself in sleep
am I looking in too deep?
tension builds and breaks
looking back at my mistakes
it's keeping me awake
don't know how much I can take

I wish I didn't care so much
it's eating up my night
I wish I didn't care so much
it's taking all my light
I feel as though I shouldn't worry
but it's not like I'm all that in control
so let me just say "sorry"
before you rip apart my soul
Track Name: Spinning Crater
it's been so long since I've talked to her
I'm running out of songs to write, not losing as much sleep at night
and yet, while I'm comfortable, it still feels kind of empty
it's probably best that it stays like this for a very long time

maybe we'll meet up
at the Spinning Crater
shoot shit about indie rock
and cute cartoons
but until that day arrives
I'll just have to live my life
knowing what I thought had healed
hadn't really changed

pathetic in my every move
I wrote three albums just for you
and you've never heard a single note
and that's probably okay
I don't expect you to just, one day, say hi, or anything like that
although I guess it would be nice, silence may as well suffice

stop being so saturnine
Track Name: Blairstown
A Long time ago, when I was thirteen years old, I went on a hiking trip,
It was as rich as gold, from the young to the old, I knew we made the right decision.
When we reached the top, of a hill when we stopped we stared at a beautiful view,
Of an isolated town, far from civilization, ain't that something new.

The view reminded me of someone I loved, she was my best friend through my life,
It was a long long time before I'd see her again, but I loved her so much, I took the strife.

And I, saw the way the road divided the whole townland,
My, my, fourteen houses lined up perfectly, farms with no end,
While I thought bout her without a sound,
We were looking at Blairstown.

As I sat there, I thought of when me and her met,
It was standing on the dirty gym floor.
She asked me a question that I couldn't understand, and it turned into something more.

I reflected upon the town as if it were my life, open space, scarcely people there,
It reminded me of me when I was all depressed, and she let me rest, and love went from there.

So we move from this, and we continue to blissfully talk about life moving forward,
In the eighth grade we continue relating our things that make us who we are onward
There was another girl, pretty and thinks she looks like the ugliest girl in the world.
But with my charm, she realized who we are, we were together in front of the whole earth.

Jealousy, came to my friend, she said I don't think this is okay.
She said I don't like this girl that you love, I think you two should probably brake.
But I said why do you care, you know
You'll always be my best friend,
She said I don't want a friend, I want a lover, it's time to end the silence...

She said,
Remember when you helped me conquer anxiety, that's how I played guitar on stage,
During the talent show, I saw you sitting there, smiling while she sat with rage.
And remember you helped me with my fear of death, while still dealing with problems of your own,
You helped me live, and I could never regive the way you made me feel at home.

And when I was on that stage, I thought about the people in our life,
How some are there bring you to your knees or those who wipe your eyes.

As time went by, we were living the life, I couldn't see another route,
until you left, I had nothing to live for, not a single time that I don't miss,
Maybe this town I see is meant to represent me and her, nobody blue,
How isolated emotions keep things in their motion, how sacred love has to move.
Even if you don't make a sound, when I see the times beginning to go down, don't bury me underground,
Cause I see you When I see blairstown.
Track Name: The Scene
praise be for medical benefits
the panacea overreaching
saving the world
from bionic head wounds
destruction is assured
let the lion be demure
caress and shy away
to keep the mouse astray

don't be those guys
standing in their picture
flicking through the scene
with a bleeding thumb
praise be for medical benefits
the panacea overreaching
saving the world
from bionic deep wounds

if you could change your mind
don't think to leave me behind
I'm not ready to do that again
and I'll ask for you when I need a friend
sweet release of empathy
brings out what is left of me
praise be for the setting sun
you are not the only one

I trust
Track Name: Saving Burma
too busy to catalog our time
branching out to another slate of mine
thought a chance would take me out of line
found out just too late that you wouldn't take it fine

saving Burma
Track Name: Another Way Home
it's all in your head (or on my hands)
they might want to see you dead (or see me live)
delusions of safety won't pick you up
your fading minutes are giving up (or giving me a chance)

I hope you found your way home
still walking there
don't know where