Off To Nowhere EP

by Naked Ant

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mitch didn't mention that he didn't have his bass so we made this


released August 7, 2016

ben - vocals1246, guitar124, drums34
mitch - guitar346, synth bass2
jason - vocals35, piano5, drums2

All songs written by Ben except:

"Damned Fantasies" music by Mitch, words by Jason
"Seventh Grade Scene" by Jason
"Enter The Nowhere" music by Mitch, words by Ben



all rights reserved


Naked Ant Mount Laurel, New Jersey

Hello Whirled = Ben (vocals, guitar, bass)
22 = Jason (drums, piano, vocals)
KHZC = Mitch (bass, guitar, synths)

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Track Name: Cold Hearts Call For No One
off the rails we set sail

for the oceans of yore
never been before
for the seas and the sands
in distant lands
for the tidal waves
of rusting graves
for the siren's call
to rise and fall

voices barely heard
barely a single word
dampened by the herd
cold hearts call for

no one
Track Name: Half A Nightmare
it's a bright day out but all I see is clouds
my situation's fine but the obstacles are loud
interference catching up to take me by the hand
begging me to listen but I don't want to understand

why is it so hard?
why can't I just have a happy day?

the night keeps breaking me and yet I sleep too hard
feeling better about feeling worse but they're both playing the same cards
want to cut everyone out when the night light starts to gleam
if I was so sure she was gone, why is she still in my dreams?
Track Name: Damned Fantasies
Build me up,
Cut me off,
Keep it up,
Don't you stop, my love,
Please don't stop.
We don't need a time or place.
It can be anywhere, it can be anything.
Won't you care for me,
Won't you try and please me, with your breath.
Keep yourself silent,
Hear my voice,
It pants on,
It keeps you wondering, will I go on.
And everything, seems to be going dark,
And I know,
It's all a dream,
When you are with me.
I feel alive,
Thrust me inside,
Ooooohhhhhhhh, oooohhhhh, oooohhhhh, ooohhhhhh, oohhhhh,
Oooooohhhh, oooooohhh, oooooohhh, oooohhhh, oooooohhhh, ooooohhhh.
I feel so alive
Track Name: Happy To Be Here
held in my arms
I finally feel at peace with myself
broken charms
scattered on the ceiling below the shelf

chased out of hell
and into the open world
where I've found
a peace in a heartwarming girl
who understands I'm sorta fucked
doesn't care 'cause I'm good luck
happy to see me here
happy to be here
Track Name: Seventh Grade Scene
Just another name,
They say you'll never make it out alive.
Just another lonely day,
Just another reason to run away.
They never get me,
They always say I'm nothing without love.
They always make me feel worthless.
It'd be better if I was taken out of the equation.
I've seen better days,
I never thought itd cause so much pain.
who said growing up had to be this way?
Who said growing up means more immaturity?
When will it end?
Does it end if I remain silent?
When will it end?
When will the pain leave me dead?
I met someone,
Someone who gets my pain,
That someone lived within me,
Until she walked away.
She heard the rumors,
The rumors that I was full of hate.
She never understood,
Nor got introduced to the good side of me.
When will it end?
Does it end if I remain silent?
When will it end?
will the pain leave me dead?
And I'm so tired,
I can't believe I have to wait,
Two more years,
Before we'd leave this place,
Will anyone come, come and take my place?
When will it end?
Does it end if I remain silent?
When will it end?
will the pain leave me dead?
Track Name: Enter The Nowhere
approaching a crossroads
of appearance and agony
where opinion dies

I sacrifice my dignity
to put myself out there

I entice the strategy
to enter the nowhere
where opinioned eyes

don't drop their gaze

counting the days
until I'm free
to the crossroads again

I sacrifice my density
to run from the terror