Keep Hanging EP

by Naked Ant

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released April 10, 2015

ben: vocals/guitar/bass/drums
mitch: bass/guitar
neil: drums/synth (and that was it...)

All songs (oddly) written by everyone (lots of improv) except for the title track which is strictly Ben's.



all rights reserved


Naked Ant Mount Laurel, New Jersey

Hello Whirled = Ben (vocals, guitar, bass)
22 = Jason (drums, piano, vocals)
KHZC = Mitch (bass, guitar, synths)

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Track Name: Give It Time
give it time to reach the mind and tell her what you meant
maybe in another month, she may be less upset
sorry now is sorry then, mistakes were made that I can't defend
don't forgive, don't relive the last time

could I feel any more ashamed in me?
not so clingy anymore, I wish that's what I'd say
I still think I broke the link, you tried your best to stop me
carry out my bones, don't think I need them

give it time to flatten out, not cause another accident
avoidance is the key to this, don't want to know where you went
pause before I turn, oh I have learned that I'm not to be trusted
Track Name: Keep Hanging
I think I might be a little stuck in a hole with you
and there's no way out unless I tell you everything I'd do
to keep us together and still escape this misery
I can't do that, knowing well our history

to give me the option
to leave you be
I guess I can't keep hanging

crawling back to safety, afraid to make it alive
losing grip on your ankle, hoping that I don't survive
I want to be with you, but I don't think you want me
that's okay, I expected you to finally see

that I'm honest when I self-deprecate to entertain
I guess I can't keep hanging
Track Name: Synergy
fell into my dream
out of time

fell into your dream
out of mine

clear as day
can't see why

couldn't feel the ghost
what she loved the most

couldn't feed the need
to repent the greed

clear as day
can't see why

no one is my favorite person anymore
there used to be
but that fell through
I'm not the same to her
was the right thing to do