From A Distance EP

by Naked Ant

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All music recorded with a Panasonic Slimline.
All vocals recorded with a Tascam MF-P01.

Recorded and engineered by Ben in his basement. Vocals recorded in his room.


released March 5, 2016

Ben: vocals(all songs but 3), guitar(all songs but 6)
Mitch: bass(12,45), guitar(6), percussion(3)
Jason: drums(12,45), vocals(3)

All songs written by Ben except:
"Overreaching Heights" written by Jason and Ben
"Underwater Explosions" written by Bob Pollard
"Out Of View" written by Ben and Mitch



all rights reserved


Naked Ant Mount Laurel, New Jersey

Hello Whirled = Ben (vocals, guitar, bass)
22 = Jason (drums, piano, vocals)
KHZC = Mitch (bass, guitar, synths)

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Track Name: Grinding The Dash
long time no see
at the end of the hallway
the path diverged
throwing us sideways
five drinks too many
and crawling away

we all knew you would crash
if you kept grinding the dash
Track Name: Fresh Razorblades
all face the wave you have guarded
backs to the walls that you started
no losing time to your demons
they know that you're here and you're growing

someone had to say it!

all that you loved has turned aside
open minded for open ride
fresh days to layer your skin
down to a point, down to a pin

someone had to say it!
Track Name: Overreaching Heights
So this is what it feels like,
This is what it looks like when rain won't dry,
This is what I get, for overreaching heights,
And this what you deserve,

You know, I love you, and you keep me warm,
And I love you, and I'll make sure you keep on loving me too

What an abyss we are in,
How can you give me strength when I can't swim,
And all the promises we were wasted,
And I know, and I know,

You know, I love you, and I'll keep you warm,
And I love you, and I'll make sure,
You know you say you love me, it don't matter where you come from, just as as you're loving keeps going on,
But I love you, and I'll make sure you keep loving me too.

And I'll make sure, and I'll make sure,

So this is what it feels like,
Feels like you,
And I love you, and I'll make sure that you keep on loving me too.
Track Name: For Junior Lovers Everywhere
if she holds your hand tight
rest assured it's going to be a good night
if she's feeling safe with you
rest assured that you're the one she loves, too

and quietly walk in the snow beneath
find yourself another patch to grass to sit on
and gaze out at the stars above, confident
that you're happy right now, and you'll be happy forever

if he's looking pleased with you
rest assured he's glad that he picked you to be two
if his hugs are tight and warm
rest assured he'll be there first to shield you from the storm

as you take cover in your cozy bed
wrap your gentle arms around his soothing head
and fix your eyes on this beautiful moment
because you're happy now
and you don't know how
you could ever become
Track Name: Out Of View
from a distance you appear

makes it easier to leave
makes it easier to grieve
makes it easier to deceive

lion's share of the folded plane
lost my footing, I fall insane
never want to acknowledge your name
I don't want anything to be the same

don't go
but go